These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hello, TPILers!

Thanks so much for being subscribers to my little dream here! Thanks to those who have shared posts or links with friends–I so appreciate it!

This week I am travelling out-of-state to visit family and am sharing a few of my favorite posts from the archives (within the posts, you might see random text where there used to be a photo, just skim on by and I’ll fix ‘er later) :

If you need a good laugh: My treatise on baby names or Competitive Parenting

If you need some encouragement: Top 10 Ways to be a Miserable Mother

If you need some inspiration: Pretty vs. Beautiful or You Can Write Your Own Story

If you need some humanity: Magical, Shmagical and Mid-Mothering Crisis

Please share your favorites on social media or with a friend! As always, feel free to join the convo. over on the big ol’ Facebook:

I hope you are enjoying Fall in your neck of the woods!

Red Leaf Trees Near the Road



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