Potential and Growth

Y’all, it’s finally spring here in Montana. Woot! Like many of you around the country, it was a long, long winter and we are soaking in the sun and warmer temps.

I realized this past week as I bought seeds and plants that I walk right on by the bigger and showier plants and gravitate towards the smaller, robust yet unbloomed varieties. “Yeah, I know y’all are tall and have already bloomed but I’mma gonna bring home a little plant with promise and potential (see my adorable lavender plant below).”

I do the same with people. Give me a friend going through addiction or divorce anyday. Are you a survivor of tragedy or trauma?–come on over and sit right here, friend. When I’m at events or dinner parties, I tend to shy away from the flashy “already bloomed” types and find the “just starting to root and find footing types” incredibly fascinating.

If you’re starting small, find hope in the fact that good things are coming.

If you’re ready to bloom and grow but wonder if that’s even possible, it is.

And if you think your blooming years are over and there isn’t much point in trying again, the soil of experience that you have under and behind you is deep and rich enough to keep trying.

Start small. Grow slowly and good things will come. Great things always start with small things.

Happy Spring, y’all!

P.S. I’m working on a post about lessons we learn from death as well as resources and homework to guide us all through the messy end that no one talks about. Well, we’re talkin’ about it so buckle up. Stay tuned!

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