Meet Elizabeth

I’m probably a lot like you. My sometimes painted toenails (and homemade birthday cakes) look like they were created by a four-year-old. Seagulls regularly circle our vehicles hoping for crackers and crumbs. My home is half-cleaned up so you don’t feel uncomfortable but dirty enough so you do. 

I am a woman of faith and treasure my relationships with people of many or no faith(s).

I adore connecting with people—any people. I am a poster-child extrovert and my dream job would be going up to perfect strangers and interviewing them about their hard things, laughing about their comical things and how it connects us all.

We are all broken in some way. I am broken because I came from a family who struggles with having healthy relationships due to mental illness and divorce. I have my own struggles with anxiety and sleepless nights at times.

Being married has challenged my inner brat and I am currently in my adolescent marriage stage—awkward but getting less pimply every day.

I love being a mother to four children who have their own hard things: food allergies, short fuses, genetic disorders and the inability to hang towels after a bath. Mothering is what I was made for and I love it.

I have worked as a special education teacher, family advocate for special needs families in our community and currently as a freelance writer for Gannett Company.

Nutella is my crack so you will hear mucho references to it. I speak Spanglish at the capacity of a three-year-old from Texas. If you ever read something and think, “Is she joking?” the most likely answer is yes.

I hail from the South but we have scattered birth certificates and gained gobs of peeps in Oklahoma and Iowa. We have loved living in Montana for the last seven years and I am contemplating buying cowgirl boots but I fear I can never pull off the swagger.

This is where I share parts of my heart and mind, all with a ginormous sprinkling of humor. Welcome!