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Probably like many of you, we have a tradition of giving our kids Christmas books each year.

As a special thank you to all the TPIL fans out there, I am sharing some of our favorite books for all ages: from board books for your wee ones to teen chapter books.

Many have been bought from book sales at school but many were ordered because we loved them first from the library and had to have them in our permanent Christmas collection.

If you’d like to go ahead and purchase some for your kiddos to receive by Christmas, you can click on the title of each book to be taken to And for December 12-13th you receive $5 off $15 you spend! See details here

Even though I’m a writer, I fail at captioning photos (1st photo: Here we are at the aquarium. 2nd photo: Here we are looking at fish). I’m really quite lame. So, take that in consideration with my short mini-review of each of these beloved tales. I share them because we have loved them over the years.

  1. This is the StableThe cadence and rhyming to this poem is really calming and a favorite of mine:
  2. Who is Coming to Our House?-We loved the simple story and great illustrations in this book.
  3. Mouse’s First ChristmasThe “Mouse’s First” series is great for toddlers and pre-schoolers and this was a favorite when they were small:
  4. Bear Stays Up for ChristmasThis was one of my kids’ favorites every year. It’s a sweet and fun read:
  5. MooseletoeThis one reminds us all to chillax and also that moose apparently HAVE mustaches and that given proper attention they can be made into a conifer. Who knew?
  6. Follow the Star-This story talks about how Small Camel wants to go with his Mom who is carrying one of the Wise Men and his special load her carries:
  7. Snowmen at Christmasthe sequel to Snowmen at Night answers the question “What do snowmen do when we’re not looking at Christmastime?” Imaginative and cute.
  8. Auntie ClausHaving a killer British accent isn’t necessary but it does add a nice flair to it. Our kids have LOVED this book. It’s clever and has a nice moral. I practically have it memorized.
  9. Auntie Claus and the Key to ChristmasThis is the follow-up to the first book when the younger brother learns for himself where Auntie Claus goes on her yearly business trip.

If you don’t have any Jan Brett books, you must at least get one of these. She is a phenomenal story-teller and illustrator. Her intricate illustrations that tell the pre/post story on each page is a joy for kids to discover. We own three of her Christmas books and these are our two favorites:

  1. Who’s that Knocking Christmas Eve?Naughty trolls invade a home each Christmas and a boy and his bear happen by to change the outcome this year.
  2. Home for Christmas A naughty little troll learns his lesson just in time to re-join his family for Christmas Eve.
  3. The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought HateThis is a true Montana story that our school’s librarian read to my daughter’s class and she talked about it so much that it will be her Christmas book this year:
  4. Christmas in CamelotWe love the Magic Tree House series and this is one just for Christmas:
  5. Jacob T. MarleyWe are giving our oldest this one this year but I’ve heard great things about it.
  6. Christmas JarsMy teenager really enjoyed this book and so did I. See? I told you I stink at this. Read some more reviews through the hyper link on the title.
  7. KringleThis is such a rich story that wraps a bit of magic and old world history with how the boy became Kris Kringle. It mixes magic, folklore and Christianity into a fabulous and rich tale. It’s an interesting mix and I read a chapter aloud to my kids or the older ones read ahead.

To enter the giveaway, you just simply follow the entry requirements. Each item gives you one chance to enter for a total of four.

You must then click the form on the Rafflecopter form. Just being a follower this time will not suffice unless you click below saying that you are a follower.For those new to giveaways, it’s super-easy. I think. This is my first one so let me know if you have any issues.

This is only for US pals and on Friday I will announce the randomly chosen winner. You will then get to pick one you would like to have in your home and BAM! it will be on its way to your home (hopefully) before Christmas.

Leave a comment below listing your all-time favorite Christmas book!

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  1. T’was the night before Christmas.
    My kids love this book. My mom read it to us as kids and now my kids love to hear it every night along with all the other books!!

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