Elizabeth-Hill-AuthorWelcome, friend! Come in my virtual back door, take your shoes off (or leave ‘em on—our carpet is trashed anyway), grab a jar of Nutella off the table and let’s talk, laugh and ugly cry. Here I bring all the parts of my life together that love and stretch me: marriage, hard things, faith, parenting kids from babies to teenagers along with special needs kiddos—all with a healthy dose of humor.  I adore connecting with people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. We are all in this together so get comfy and let’s bond!

Writing is my gift and my therapy. I share what I’ve felt and learned as I’ve muddled through my hard things, my eureka moments and the many, many hilarious events that mark my days with joy. I love to laugh. Hard. So hard that you require a clothing change. Anything is open for humorous interpretation.

I’ll be honest: I don’t know what this site will be yet. For now, it is a repository for my columns that I’ve written in our local paper, the Great Falls Tribune. My hope is that as my audience grows I can perhaps have opportunities to syndicate or have enough interest to gather my weirdness into a published book.

In the future, I might throw in some of my favorite baking recipes or offer podcasts—interviewing normal, extraordinary people that I admire and learn from and am blessed to rub shoulders with. If there’s interest, I will share favorite places to visit as we travel and explore our beautiful state of Montana as well as our biennial trek across our country to visit friends and family.

We shall see. Like life, you never know what is around the bend or over the hill but for now, this is where I’m starting and I’m glad you’re here!

If you’re new here, these posts are a great introduction to what I’m all about:

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