About my faith

Here’s the deal: I’m Mormon.

I know; let me ‘splain.

You might have known someone who was weird and was a Mormon. That wasn’t me. You might have met a guy once who dropped Mormony jargon and invited you to church fifty million times until you finally blocked him. Also not me.

You might have known someone cool and funny who loved to listen to your thoughts on faith and family, never interrupted and never made you feel preached to. That’s me.

I love my Baptist, Evangelical, Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, Unitarian, Methodist, and Agnostic or atheist friends. I love you if you don’t fit into these categories. I love conversing with everyone on life, love, deep things and shallow things.

I also love my own faith. I don’t profess to be an expert or theologian. I don’t expect you to be an expert at your religion because I am certainly not in mine. However, I do appreciate respect and common courtesy. If you do have general of specific questions on my faith, a great place to start is here.

I don’t get preachy here. I share mainstream beliefs and thoughts that are applicable to many. Some are unique to my faith and many are universal. That is one of the parts I love: connecting with people who seemingly have little in common and discovering that we have so much that we share, we should practically be roommates and share toothbrushes. Or something.

I don’t have the time or space to share all the doctrines or beliefs that we as members of our church believe. You are welcome to poke around here if you’d like or greet with a smile one of our thousands of missionaries that might walk by you on the street or interrupt your favorite sitcom by knockin’ on your door.

Here’s what I do know: I know God exists. I know He loves His children. I know He sent His Son to earth to bless the lives of everyone. I know Jesus Christ was the perfect example and someone I really, really try to be like each day and when I fail (which I do all the time) I find great comfort that I can repent, be made clean and try again.

I know God is aware of me and that he answers my prayers (often through many friends of different faiths). I feel His peace and guidance through His Spirit as I stumble, struggle and grow. And I know that I still don’t know so much but what I do know, feel or perceive makes my life beautiful and worth it.

I also know that all I am; I owe to Him. I write and create because He has given me a mind to think of weird jokes and analogies, hands to type my thoughts and feelings and a personality that gathers some and perplexes others.

I hope you feel comfortable here. I hope you like it here but most importantly, I hope my words and stories lead you closer to God—the one who made, knows and loves you. All I have and am I owe to Him.

It truly doesn’t matter if you think I’m hysterical or wise.

My only hope is that utilizing my gift for writing might bring someone encouragement, hope, a laugh or even a small glimpse of how much God loves each one of us and how much hope and promise He has for our future.

Either way, please be kind, respectful and keep the golden rule. If you don’t feel I am a Christian or think I belong to a cult, I’d rather not hear it. If you have real, legitimate questions that you’ve always wondered about my faith even after heading to the site linked above, feel free to email me at elizabeth@thepartilove.com. Please know I will not respond to meanness.

So that’s that.