Inclement Weather, Inclement Life

Currently in Montana, our roads are snowy and slick. Being a native Southerner, it has taken me almost a decade to fight the initial instinct to panic and gather bread and milk at the mere threat of snow. When I taught school in North Carolina, nary a flake of snow needed to hit the ground […]

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hello, TPILers! Thanks so much for being subscribers to my little dream here! Thanks to those who have shared posts or links with friends–I so appreciate it! This week I am travelling out-of-state to visit family and am sharing a few of my favorite posts from the archives (within the posts, you might see random […]

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Five Ways to Love Wherever You Live

Some of you may remember that moving five times in four states is at the top of my resume. Moving (for me) equals having heartbreaking goodbyes. I put down my emotional roots deep, fast, and hard. In fact, I’m slightly stalker-ish when I arrive and meet new people: “Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Can we […]

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How God spoke to me during my darkest hour.

Looking around the sanctuary five minutes before the end of the service, I realized that my teaching partner was absent. Together we taught scripture stories, distributed snacks and trained a gaggle of three year-olds in toy mediation skills every Sunday. Realizing she wasn’t there on her designated teaching Sunday typically was not a huge deal. […]

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How-to Guide for Hard Things

We all have our unexpected hard things to survive and thrive through. I have never had a diagnosis of cancer to process. Nor have I had anyone in my immediate family die suddenly. But I have dealt with my own personal struggles with mild anxiety and walked the path with many who struggle with mental […]

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Keeping Time

If you didn’t see my post on TPIL on Facebook this past week, feel free to check it out here: I shared thoughts on choosing what is worth the chase in our lives. This post today, goes a little more in depth. I hope you enjoy it. As always, feel free to share and comment. […]

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I’m probably a lot like you. My sometimes painted toenails (and homemade birthday cakes) look like they were created by a four-year-old. Seagulls regularly circle our vehicles hoping for crackers and crumbs. My home is half-cleaned so you don’t feel uncomfortable but dirty enough so you do. The “part I love” is connecting with people with all different backgrounds beliefs and life experiences. I hope you find this safe and welcome place to learn, grow and laugh together.

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