How to Approach Someone with a Disability 101

I have an immediate distrust for people who either say they loved pregnancy or middle school. As for the latter, tweens/teens that age are constantly comparing and contrasting themselves to those around them. Am I better looking or less popular than him? Are my shoes cuter or uglier?  The daily calculating, measuring and assigning worth […]

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Her name was Louise. Ms. Louise. I never even learned her last name. She was a friend of my grandmother’s and during my week-long summer visits, we would visit all of her older woman friends. Friends with amazing names like Cleo, Myrtle and Ida Mae Stacy.  Louise was very old (to me, as an eight […]

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Hit the road, Jack

I am not an expert at many tasks. My desk is in constant clutter, my fashion sense leaves much to be desired, and my ability to decorate cakes is on par with a 7-year-old. But traveling with children? Solo? For thousands of miles? For a month? I’ve got you covered, baby. Just call me the […]

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Five tips for working with special needs parents (plus a bonus!)

I was asked a few years ago by one of my daughter’s previous teachers for some tips for those who teach and work with our special needs children. Since then, many have shared this with other educators, therapists and administrators. Though this isn’t a typical post at TPIL, I thought it was worth sharing. I’d […]

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Magical, shmagical

I don’t know what it is about the last two decades in American parenthood but someone needs to raise the white flag and it might as well be me. Part of the problem might be the prominence of social media or the persistent need to document every single thing a child does but man it’s […]

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I’m probably a lot like you. My sometimes painted toenails (and homemade birthday cakes) look like they were created by a four-year-old. Seagulls regularly circle our vehicles hoping for crackers and crumbs. My home is half-cleaned so you don’t feel uncomfortable but dirty enough so you do. The “part I love” is connecting with people with all different backgrounds beliefs and life experiences. I hope you find this safe and welcome place to learn, grow and laugh together.

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