Life Underlined

  My second grader came home with a writing assignment this year with certain words underlined.  They weren’t underlined by the teacher or inked in a different color so I wasn’t sure of the purpose of the mark. When I queried him regarding the meaning he replied that they underline words as they write because […]

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Civility 101

Political Civility 101 Hear me out: let’s talk about how we talk about politics. Half of you just mentally u-turned and the other half either got out pom-poms or scythes. We have a problem agreeing to disagree in this country. I’ve seen plenty of statistics regarding the unprecedented divisions and cultural dissonance but like most […]

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Hope in a new year

Hello, TPILers! Welcome to a whole new batch of new subscribers! It’s wonderful to have you here. I hope you enjoy this place for encouragement, humor and common ground. This week we had our first Facebook Live video after this essay below just wasn’t gelling. I wondered if it just needed to be spoken. Feel […]

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Peace on Earth

When we are young, we sometimes think peace is just a word sewn onto the cover of a needlepoint pillow, but as we gain life experience we begin to grasp that peace can be elusive and hard to conjure, especially in tumultuous or trying times. Jesus himself promised, “These things I have spoken unto you, […]

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Holiday Cool Points

Middle school years were awkward, painful, and uncomfortable. If anyone regales you with tales of fun times and worthwhile memories during those excruciatingly acne-prone years, then they’re lying. Or they were raised on a remote island and their only friends were covered in fur, which would make acne a moot point. Fads come and go […]

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Trail Mix

In my younger days when I had only one child on my hip, I was an expert on parenting. There were only good and bad parents and I was, of course, in the first group. Always. Now I have four under the age of 16 which inducts me into the “hanging on by a thread” […]

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about this blog

I’m probably a lot like you. My sometimes painted toenails (and homemade birthday cakes) look like they were created by a four-year-old. Seagulls regularly circle our vehicles hoping for crackers and crumbs. My home is half-cleaned so you don’t feel uncomfortable but dirty enough so you do. The “part I love” is connecting with people with all different backgrounds beliefs and life experiences. I hope you find this safe and welcome place to learn, grow and laugh together.

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